Vueguard® 401 AG-10 A —- Anti-Glare, Soft Feel, Anti-Microbial



Glare is the difficulty of seeing a display in the presence of bright light. PCI Labs offers you the best Anti-Glare coating treatments to meet your product needs at various gloss levels. Vueguard® treatments are designed to reduce unwanted glare and coherent reflection, thereby increasing readability! Our anti glare coatings also provide excellent antimicrobial coating properties.


The Vueguard® 401 AG-10 A is a UV curable, low gloss, soft feel, hard coating system optimized for ABS keyboards offering exceptional long term wear and scratch resistance with excellent anti-microbial properties.
While the Vueguard® 401 AG-10 A has been designed for ABS, PC and PMMA substrates other polymeric keyboard blends may benefit from its application.

Mechanical Test Data      

Adhesion Test                               
Adhesion (ASTM D-3359)
   PC                                PMMA                              ABS
   100%                          100%                               100

Wear Resistance Test
Wear Resistance (1): > 300,000  Cycles – No Change

(1) ABS Substrate, 200 grams load @30 cycles/min., 38 mm stroke with CS 5 felt tips

Scratch/Abrasion Tests
Scratch/Abrasion Resistance (PC):
Steel Wool Scratch Resistance (2): 5 psi – No Scratches
Pencil Hardness (3): H

(2) Rotary test representing severe scratching using #0000 steel wool pad at load @ 5 rotations
(3) PC Substrate, ASTM D3363 (750 grams @ Mitsu-Bishi Hi Uni pencils)

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