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  If you have a plastic component, assembly or product which is vulnerable to scratching or chemical attack, fogging, or static build-up, we may be able to help you overcome these problems. Our Vueguard 901® treatments can render many plastic substrates impervious to many hostile environments. Find out more how the Vueguard 901®, TopPro®, LensGuard and other families of coatings can solve your application needs by completing the questionnaire below.
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  Chromafilter materials have been carefully designed to maintain the light transmission properties matching the spectral energy outputs of various types of optoelectronic displays, providing maximum contrast enhancement, clarity and resolution. All Chromafilter® materials may be treated with our patented process to produce a tough, abrasion and chemical resistant window or panel. To find out how Chromafilter® materials can enhance your product, just fill out the questionnaire below.
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