• PCI LABS Coatings – EASTMAN Co-polyesters

    PCI LABS Coatings – EASTMAN Co-polyesters

    1/15/14 – Bangor, PA, USA

    Performance Coatings International Laboratories, LLC a global supplier of high performance UV-curable coatings and toll coater, announced today the completion of qualification studies of the Vueguard® 901 / 801 Hard coats and Vueguard® 932  Anti-Fog UV-curable coatings with Eastman’s Tritan™ TX-1001 and TX-2001 amorphous Co-polyester materials.

    Both the Vueguard® 901 and Vueguard® 801 high performance UV-curable, thin film coatings were effective in improving the scratch resistance of TX-1001 and TX-2001 materials without imparting embritlement.  The Vueguard® 801 was more effective in improving the steel wool scratch resistance and pencil hardness of both Tritan™ materials, while the Vueguard® 901 was more effective in improving the Taber™ abrasion resistance.

    The Vueguard® 932 AF coating was effective in imparting excellent anti-fog properties to both Tritan™ Tx-1001 and Tx-2001 molded parts.

    Eastman’s Tritan™ copolyesters offer excellent appearance and clarity, outstanding chemical resistance and hydrolytic stability. End-use applications for these materials are in the consumer and durable goods, appliances, housewares and small appliance markets.

     Vueguard® 901 & 801 Anti-Fog Coatings on Tritan™  Vueguard® 932 Anti-Fog Coating for Tritan™
     Surface Differences between Tritan™ and PC  Surface Energy of Tritan™ vs PC and PET

    Click here to read more about Eastman Tritan™ on Eastman’s web site.

  • Critical Study on Scratch Resistance Test Methods

    Critical Study on Scratch Resistance Test Methods

    A number of international test methods have been advanced in various industries – electronics, optical, automotive and others – to evaluate the scratch resistance (abrasive wear) of thin film UV-curable coatings on polymeric substrates, displays and qualify coatings suppliers. Some of these wear tests do not provide valid inferences with real life experiences and pose a conundrum on the proper evaluation of different coatings performance on thermoplastic and transparent substrates.
    This paper will address different scratch resistance tests – focusing on abrasion wear, – the Taber® Abraser, Norman Tool “RCA”, Pencil Hardness and Steel Wool Wear tests on Polycarbonate (PC) and Poly Methyl Methacrylate (PMMA) optical clear, thermoplastic sheet materials with two sample UV curable coatings, under 15 μm in dry film thickness.
    Conclusions and recommendations on the practical selection and use of various wear tests to ascertain the abrasion resistance of UV-curable thin film coatings will be discussed.

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  • High Performance Keyboard Coatings

    High Performance Keyboard Coatings

    The ever growing and constantly changing electronic industry has established very stringent requirements for the durability and aesthetic appearance of computers and mobile input devices. Computer keyboards, the most commonly used input devices, tend to wear under everyday use. Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) keyboard keys become glossy and often legends are erased with constant use. This wear can be prevented by the use of high performance UV curable anti-glare protective coatings applied by the spray process.  

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  • Multifunctional UVEB Curable Oligomers for Optical Coatings

    Multifunctional UVEB Curable Oligomers for Optical Coatings

    Hard, optical clear, protective UV curable top coats are necessary for a variety of demanding applications in the automotive, aviation, electronics and scientific instrumentation markets. Coatings with special properties, such as antifog, conductivity, anti-Newton ring, antiglare performance, are highly sought-after products. However, due to limited choices of oligomers, current coatings cannot easily meet customers’ varied demands. Oligomers with low functionality may hardly meet scratch (mar) resistance or hardness specifications. Some coatings can only be applied as very thin films due to brittleness. Furthermore, chemical resistance, antifog, antistatic and antiglare properties all require artful formulation choices between monomers, oligomers, additives, photo-initiators and diluents. Lack of functionalized oligomers often restrict the creative venues for multipurpose applications. New oligomers have been developed that can solve problems like these. This presentation will discuss new polyurethane acrylate oligomers being developed using grafting and block copolymerization that, under adequate formulation, provide excellent optical properties while presenting great toughness after UV curing. Raw materials with different characteristics of hydrophilicity, hydrophobicity, conductivity, elasticity, mechanical properties, and/or formulation compatibility are selected in obtaining oligomers of desired properties. Oligomers targeting for antifog applications, glass adhesion, and soft touch application, will be discussed. Specifically, antifog coatings for Polycarbonate (PC) substrate has been evaluated extensively for performance against many real life use conditions. Some formulations were compared against other commercial products in the market place.

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  • PCI Labs Recent Developments in Coatings

    PCI Labs Recent Developments in Coatings

    What is PCI Labs Innovation?

    Customized functional coating solutions, involving products and services that result in documented customer value enhancement and major customer productivity improvements.

    Functional Coating Benefits

    • Very fast cure times
    • Low heat requirements
    • Thin dry film thickness
    • Very high abrasion and chemical resistance
    • Adaptable to high volume production environments
    • Cost effective/value driven products
    • High quality, high yields
    • Excellent environmental performance

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    Manufacturers’ Representatives Wanted

    Performance Coatings International Laboratories, LLC, a successful and dynamic Chemical Coatings, Optical Filters and Plastics Processing Manufacturer seeks Manufacturers’ Representation in the OEM Interior Automotive, Avionics, Electronics, Plastics and Instrumentation markets. We are seeking representation throughout the US in the Central, South-East, South-West and West regions, as well as, in Canada and Mexico.

    Our high performance, Lensguard, TopPro®, patented Vueguard 901® & 801 UV-curable coatings are world renown for their high abrasion/chemical resistance, and superior anti-fog, anti-glare and anti-static properties when applied onto plastic substrates. Our contrast enhancement Chromafilters® are specified in many military, avionics, appliance and electronic OEMs’ applications and widely used by electronic engineers.

    We will be delighted to talk with you further, should you find our products and services an excellent, complimentary fit to your existing portfolio and readily marketable to your customer base.