Anti-Glare Coatings

We all have experienced unwanted glare while using glossy screens in laptops, tablets and smart phones; either blinding us in the outdoors or staring at our reflection indoors! Glare is the difficulty of seeing a display in the presence of bright light.

A matte screen (Anti-Glare or AG) is effective in reducing glare and eliminates unwanted reflections because it scatters the light that strikes it. Light reflects off displays in a predictable way, either in a specular (mirror-like) or diffuse (lost-image) Lambertian reflection. When light strikes an AG coated display, it bounces off in all directions, due to the multiple reflections caused by the surface's microscopic irregularities (planes of different orientation), thus diminishing image formation.

Do you know that the average office desk has 400 times more bacteria then the average toilet seat? It has about 10 million bacteria and the average a computer keyboard has 3,100 germs/ in².*

Mitigating the transmission of disease in medical devices and electronics, by inhibiting or rendering the ability of bacteria, fungi and viruses to grow is critical. An Anti-Microbial (AM) surface contains anti-microbial agents that inhibit the ability of microorganisms to grow and minimizes the spread of disease.

PCI Labs now offers both the Vueguard® 900 AG and our newest soft touch Vueguard® 400 AG Series of Anti-glare coatings with Anti-microbial(AM) agents. Vueguard® 400 AG-AM is perfectly suited for keyboards and other mobile devices whereas, Vueguard® 900 AG-AM is best suited for medical devices and electronic displays constructed in PC, PMMA, ABS and other polymeric substrates.

Whether you are looking for keyboard coatings or highly abrasion resistant, anti-glare panel coatings, with excellent anti-microbial properties for medical displays, PCI Labs offers you the best AG treatments to meet your product needs at various gloss levels. The Vueguard® treatments are designed to reduce unwanted glare and coherent reflection, thereby increasing readability!

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*University of Arizona- "Healthy Workplace Project"