Performance Coatings International Laboratories, LLC

PCI Labs is an innovative producer of high performance UV/EB coatings, adhesives and specialty chemicals.

PCI Labs’ products are used to protect and preserve, as well as enhance the appearance and improve the function, performance and durability of thermoplastic, glass and metal products in high technology markets.



PCI Labs’ Coatings are indispensable products that protect, preserve and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your products.

Vueguard® UV-curable primer free coatings provide superior scratch, abrasion and chemical resistance with excellent anti-fog, anti-static, anti-glare and anti-weathering properties to enhance the chemical, physical, optical and environmental performance of thermoplastics, glass and customer supplied products.

Be sure to check out our new Vueguard® 400 AG-AM, our latest Anti-Glare(AG) & Anti-Microbial(AM) UV-Curable surface treatments for mobile devices and electronic displays.

Vueguard Applications Chart


PCI Labs is a manufacturer of polymeric optical fibers and displays.

Chromafilter® coated sheets provide excellent contrast enhancement, glare reduction and physical protection for superior resolution for all types of optoelectronic displays, graphic overlays, diffusers, covers and panels.

Chromafilter Applications Chart

PCI Toll Coating

PCI Labs is also a precise applicator of UV and thermal coatings and paints onto flat and profiled industrial plastic components.

PCI Labs Testing Instruments

PCI Labs Testing Instruments evaluate the mechanical wear (scratch / abrasion resistance) of coated plastic substrates, finished components and ophthalmic lenses.


PCI Labs Custom Formulations

PCI Labs specializes in the custom formulation of 100% solids, hybrids and UV-curable, high performance oligomers, coatings and adhesives for flexible and rigid thermoplastic materials, and can support your new product development process from concept to market introduction.  Our scientists can assist in the development of proprietary oligomers and chemical formulations, pilot development to production for high technology applications in our modern laboratory facilities.


PCI Labs Quality Assurance Customer Satisfaction

Performance Coatings International Laboratories, LLC is committed to provide products and services that meet our customers’ requirements, are fully compliant with applicable global regulatory laws and directives and contribute to our mutual benefit.

PCI Labs QA Customer Satisfaction Statement PCI Labs QA Customer Satisfaction


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